Hi all and thanks so much for checking out my latest blog post!  Blush placement and color choice are two of the most common mistakes I see with women on a daily basis.  This is especially true for women who are over 40 as most are unaware of  changes that are needed to compensate for the effects of aging on the skin including, placement, product formulation and color choices.

The placement of blush can completely change the look and the apparent structure of the face by seeming to change the location of the cheekbone.  The objective with all face shape is to create a more symmetrical appearance.  The oval face shape is considered to be the “perfect” face shape.  The oval face shape is approximately ¾ wide as it is long and the distance between the eyes is equal to the width of one eye. 

How to apply blush for your face shape

oval-face-salma-hayekOVAL FACE:
Select the proper blush shade of blush to match and blend with skin tone. Begin blush application at the apple of the cheek, moving in circular motions toward the ear, creating a smooth arc of color. This will create a gradual fading of blush color toward the top of the ear and place a slight emphasis on a perfectly plump inner cheek.  (TIP: Think of the shape of Nike’s “swoosh” logo)

LONG/OBLONG FACE:giselle-bundchen-long-face

The long/oblong face is long and narrow, and is longer than it is wide.  The goal when working with the long/oblong face shape is to create the appearance of greater width and define the cheek line.

Select the proper shade of blush to match and blend with skin tone.  Begin application on the apples of the cheeks, moving in circular motions in a horizontal line toward the ear.  Color should fade completely before reaching the hairline.


katie holmes heart shape faceHEART FACE:

The “heart” face shape has more width at the forehead and the cheek area and gradually narrows at the chin.  Select the proper shade of blush to match and blend with skin tone.  Begin blush application below cheekbones, moving in circular motions towards the ear and hairline.  Restrict color application to area under the cheekbones until it softly fades into hairline.


olivia-wilde-square-shape-faceSQUARE FACE SHAPE

The square face shape is composed of straight lines on all sides with the widest areas of the face being the forehead, cheeks and jaw.  The goal with makeup is to soften the angles of the square face shape and create the illusion of a narrower forehead and jaw line.  Select the proper shade of blush to match and blend with skin tone.  Apply blush directly to the apples of cheeks to soften the angles of the face.  Do not blend blush into sides of the face as this will widen the appearance of the face.


cameron-diaz-round-face-shapeROUND FACE SHAPE:

The round face shape is widest at the cheekbones and does not have any dominant or strong angles.  The round face is also broader in proportion to its length with obvious rounding at the chin and hairline.  The objective with makeup when working with the round face is to minimize the fullness and create a more elongated appearance.  Begin blush application on cheekbones and blend in circular motions outward, toward temples.  Avoid applying blush directly on the apples of the cheeks which can make the face look rounder.

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