Golden globes makeupSunday’s Golden Globes red carpet event marked the start of the 2016 red carpet season.  Trending fashion looks featured glamourous gowns in dazzling jewel tones and shimmering sequins complimented by jewel-encrusted statement necklaces.  To see my favorite red carpet styles from the Golden Globe Awards, visit my article here: Top 10 looks from Golden Globes

My favorite thing about watching red carpet season is seeing the top beauty trends and how Hollywood’s leading ladies adapt them to their personal style.  The Golden Globe Awards is the first major red carpet event of the year making the red carpet the perfect place for celebrities to debut the hottest beauty and fashion trends for the coming year.

Top red carpet beauty trends

The most consistent makeup trends from the 73rd Golden Globe Awards featured dewy complexions and statement lips in shades of red.  This trend look was beautifully demonstrated by Sophia Bush, Jennifer Lawrence, Emmy Rossum, Amber Heard, Rachel McAdams, Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Lopez as well as others.

Another beauty look from the Golden Globes red carpet event featured timeless trends made popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  This key look was beautifully executed by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez.  Iconic beauties including Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot considered key elements of this beauty look as their signature beauty looks.  Style and fashion from this era has always been my personal favorite so I was thrilled to see the look come alive on the red carpet.

There are a few key elements to remember when recreating this classic beauty look.

  • Apply primer to cleansed dry skin.
  • Skin that appears healthy and radiant is a must for this look and cannot be achieved with a heavy full coverage foundation. Best option is a silicone based, lightweight foundation, tinted moisturizer or CC cream.
  • If needed, neutralize under eye circles with concealer/corrector and set with a finely milled translucent powder.  To avoid “raccoon eyes”, blend concealer/corrector in a triangle shape with color gradually fading as you go.  As shown on right side of image below.  (To neutralize blue circles use a peach based corrector.  Recommendations: Bobbi Brown and Trish McEvoy)
peach correctors

Use peach based concealers/correctors to neutralize dark circles

concealer triangle

Triangle of light as shown on right side

  • Neutralize lid discoloration with an eye base and apply a neutral eyeshadow, one shade lighter than natural skin tone beginning at lash line and gradually fading as you work upward to brow bone.  Softly define the crease with a matte taupe shadow.  Apply same taupe shadow to lower lash line, close to root of lashes.
  • This look calls for well-manicured brows with a soft arch that gradually taper at the outer corners.  Use a brow pencil to fill in gaps and add density.  Keep the look natural with no harsh lines visible to naked eye.
  • Apply a thin line of black liner along the top lash line working from inner corner of eye towards outer corner of eye.  Keep color as close to the root of the lash as possible.  When you reach the outer corner of the eye extend just beyond the outer corner following the trajectory of the lower lash line.
  • Tightline upper watermark with a black waterproof eyeliner
  • Use a white eyeliner to watermark of lower lash line to from lash line to brow bone with color gradually fading
  • The iconic red lip is a must for this look.  Get full details on how to create the perfect red lip in my blog post: How to wear red lip color 

    Iconic red lip

  • Softly contour cheeks with a matte bronzer and highlight high point of cheeks to create the illusion of sculpted cheekbones
  • Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.  If desired add a few individual lashes to the outer corner of each eye.
  • false lashes

What was your favorite beauty look from the Golden Globes red carpet event?

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