One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job as a makeup artist is having the opportunity to personalize a makeup application for each client.  No one’s facial features are exactly the same, so it makes sense that the way we use makeup to accentuate our features should be somewhat unique as well.

Eye shadow placement

Most people apply eye shadow in a basic pattern using three different shades: a highlight shade, a mid-tone shade and a contour shade.  This application would be optimal on eyes that are even set.  Even set eyes are perfectly balanced with the width of one eye separating them from each other.  They are neither upturned, downturned with all features of the eye being the same proportion to one another.


Basic eye shadow placement for even set eyes

even set eye shadow

Before we address specific eye shapes, it is important to understand the terms used to describe each part of the eye as it relates to eye shadow placement.  Below is a diagram detailing these areas:


In the video below, I use my eyes as an example to explain eye shadow placement based on the specific shape of your eyes.

Notice how deep set the eyes are in this photo…


Deep set eyes are recessed into the socket of the eye, creating a sunken-in appearance.  This creates natural shadowing in the area of the crease therefore, creating depth with a contour/darker eye shadow is not necessary.  The object of using eye shadow on a deep set eye is to make the eye “pop” by bringing it forward, closer to the surface.  In order to do this, a light color shadow that is not matte but has a subtle sheen would be used on the lid and into the crease of the eye as shown in the photo below.


I hope this blog post and video explanation helped you better understand how to create the best eye shadow look for your specific eye shape.  These educational posts and videos are my favorite type to create so please keep reading, viewing and sharing!!!  As long as you are enjoying them, I will keep creating them<3

Sending peace, love & happiness to all!



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    isn’t it amazing, the power of makeup?? thanks for your sweet comments yesterday on the blog.

    • Kelly Walker March 9, 2016 at 12:58 pm Reply

      It truly is, Elle:) You are so welcome. I loved your post and know that it had to be a tough one to write and share<3

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