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Being a good makeup artist requires more than good makeup artistry skills. In order to succeed as a makeup artist one needs to possess creativity and the ability to look at a face and see specific features and characteristics, marks of beauty that a person may not see in themselves. This “eye for beauty” combined a thorough understanding of color theory and how it relates to a person’s skin tone and depth, is the catalyst for creating a successful career as a professional makeup artist.

Bobbi Brown made her first mark on the cosmetic industry in the 1980’s, an era when makeup was used to make a bold statement. At this time, there was no such thing as “a no makeup look” with bright blue eyeshadows, over-the-top contouring and bold red lips dominating the style and fashion runways. After graduating with a degree in theatrical makeup, Bobbi moved to New York City and began working as a freelance makeup artist. She was the first to embrace a woman’s natural beauty and apply cosmetics in a way that looked natural and complimented a woman’s facial features. Bobbi’s “eye for beauty” garnered her respect in the cosmetics industry where she quickly graduated from an entrepreneur, creating and selling a line of cosmetics which she sold to Estee Lauder in 1995. (Although the exact sale price was not disclosed, it has been reported that this transaction was close to $75 million dollars!!)

One of the characteristics of a good makeup artist is to trust your instincts, do what is right for your client. Makeup applications should never be “cookie cutter”. This is often reflected in an artist’s ability to think outside of the box, especially when it comes to cosmetic products. For example, before highlighters or luminizers were created, we would use an eyeshadow that had a subtle sheen to highlight a client’s features.

In 2001, Bobbie debuted her first Shimmer Brick in response to her desire to have a single product/compact that contained multiple shades of color that could be blended together seamlessly on the eyes and cheeks, creating a luminous finish to the skin. To date, Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick is a top selling sku in the Bobbi Brown line and available in a vast array of colors that can be used for both face. In fact, Bobbi has stated that if she were stranded on an island, the Shimmer Brick would be on her list of things to bring)

Today is Friday and the first post in my new segment, Friday Faves where I will share my current favorite products from the Bobbi Brown cosmetic line.

Two of my current favorites are limited edition products from Bobbi’s Telluride Collection:

Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink

Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink $46

Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink $46
Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink combines pale, golden and rosy pinks that mimics the warm glow of afternoon sun. The superfine pigments reflect light for a natural looking radiance that never looks sparkly or obvious on the skin. This shimmer brick is gorgeous for warmer skin tones.  To apply, use a face blender brush or fan brush through all five shades in the shimmer brick and sweep across the high points of the cheeks and around the eye in a “C” shape. (these are the areas where light naturally hits the face.  Get the scoop on the debut of Bobbi’s iconic shimmer brick in my article entitled: Bobbi Brown, a pioneer in the world of makeup artistry)

Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick swatch

Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick Sunset Pink swatch

Telluride Eye shadow Palette: $52
I love this eye shadow palette! Antique rose, a beautiful matte rosy nude is the perfect shade to add warmth to the crease, creating a healthy glow and “no makeup” look . The palette includes seven shadows and a dual-ended eye shadow/eyeliner brush that can be used to apply shadow to the lid or line the lashes. A versatile eyeshadow palette with silky shadows that resist creasing, flaking or fading that is suitable for women of all ages.

Bobbi Brown Telluride Palette

Bobbi Brown Telluride Palette $52

Shade details:

  • Three matte shades: Cream, Woodrose, Antique Rose and Smokey Brown;
  • One metallic shade: Velvet Plum;
  • One Sparkle shade, Blazing Star and
  • One shimmer shade, Heather rose

Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips: $29
Cream blush is a must have in my makeup arsenal and a product that I recommend to every client over the age of 30, especially women with dry or mature skin. Cream blush creates a natural, more youthful glow that doesn’t sit flat on the skin as powder blush formulas tend to do. Bobbi’s best-selling collection of Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips are also one of my favorite products in the line.  Each shade comes in a mirrored flip-top compact and a great item to carry in a handbag to refresh the face or add a pop of color to lips or cheeks.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips $29

My favorite shades in Bobbi’s vast collection of Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips are:

  • Powder Pink (light pink)
  • Rose (pink rose)
  • Blushed rose (brown pink)
  • Fresh melon (pink peach – fair skin)

In the April 2015 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Rosie Huntington Whitley expresses her fondness for Bobbi’s Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips in shades, Powder Pink and Fresh Melon shades.

I also highly recommend Bobbi’s long wear cream eye shadow sticks as they are easy to apply and in a formula that resists creases and fading.  My go to shades, especially for women with deep set eyes like myself are, Sunlight gold, a warm beige gold and Sand Dune, a medium beige tan shade.  To bring deep set eyes forward, apply Sunlight gold to the lid and crease then apply Sand Dune to the outer area of the orbital bone, just above the crease, to make the prominence of the brow bone look recessed.

Cosmetic Market Bobbi Brown Event

Cosmetic Market Bobbi Brown Event

If you would like to learn more about the Bobbi Brown line of cosmetics or schedule a professional consultation with a Bobbi Brown professional, Cosmetic Market Avalon is hosting a Bobbi Brown Makeup Event on Thursday, July 13th from 10 am to 4pm.  You can schedule an appointment with Amber by calling 678-894-4641.  Be sure to tell her that I sent you!!

Bobbi Brown MUA

Schedule your Bobbi Brown appointment with Amber today!


Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a happy 4th of July!!



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