I was recently introduced to BeautyKind, a new online beauty retailer that’s changing the way we buy beauty products.  Inspired by the business models of Newman’s Own and Tom’s, BeautyKind takes this concept a step further by allowing customers to choose the cause that receives 5% of their purchase.  In fact, last year BeautyKind raised over $50,000 in donations that benefited more than 500 charities.  BeautyKind is on track to donate more than $500,000 to causes chosen by their customers in 2016.  To learn more about BeautyKind check out my examiner article here:  BeautyKind, the Tom’s Shoes of Beauty donates 5% to customer’s charity of choice

My desire to be a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger has always stemmed from a desire make a positive difference in the world.  This is true in every aspect of my business in particular, in building relationships with beauty brands that are socially conscious about what is best for their consumers.  Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not naive.  I understand that all businesses want to make money.  However, the brands that rise to the top of my pecking order place as much value on issues that are important to their consumers as they do the thickness of their wallets.  Thus, learning about the good works that were being done through donations from BeautyKind and their customers, I reached out to them about adding a cause that is very close to my heart, Fallen Sparrow Foundation.


Fallen Sparrow Foundation is a globalX partner that administers all donations given to fund New Life Missions and its three Cambodian orphanages.  In June of last year, my husband and I were given an opportunity to serve with a globalX mission team hosting a youth camp for more than 70 orphans from New Life Ministries orphanages. It was an extraordinary experience that changed the way I look at everyday life.  It rearranged the order of my thinking to reflect the value of people and relationships over monetary things.  A portion of my heart now belongs to the children of New Life Ministries orphanage and I want to do everything I can to contribute to their well-being.

Yellow DISC group


Kelly and Huon

Kelly and Huon

I am thrilled to report that Fallen Sparrow Foundation is now among the list of more than 10,000 charities that you can support through your online shopping experience with BeautyKind!  In fact, to encourage you to help support Fallen Sparrow Foundation, I have obtained a coupon code that will allow first time shoppers to receive a $50 discount on purchases of $75 or more on

BeautyKind Coupon Code

Photo booth fun with kids

Photo booth fun with kids

BeautyKind currently retails cosmetics from more than 100 prestige beauty brands such as Ahava, Butter London, GHD, Glamglow, Lipstick Queen, Mason Pearson, NuFace and Ren Skincare.  Below are a few of my favorite products that are available for purchase at BeautyKind.



NuFace Trinity, the beauty product hailed by insiders to be a game changer in the anti-aging war


Ren Instant Firming Beauty Shot is a must have in my beauty regimine.


Nest Frangrance offers the most delightfully scented candles and diffusers that seem to last forever!



Mason Pearson, the Cadillac of hair brushes

Since cosmetic manufacturers dictate retail price points for their products, you will pay the same amount when you purchase beauty products from as you would in any department store, including Sephora and  In an effort to help you decide if shopping at BeautyKind is right for you, I have compiled a list below detailing your shopping experience with your current beauty product retailer and what you can expect when shopping online with BeautyKind.

Which shopping experience should you choose: BeautyKind or your current vendor

Shopping experience with BeautyKind:

  • Comfort from shopping at home
  • Shop in my PJ’s while drinking coffee
  • Find exactly what you are looking to buy in less than 5 minutes
  • Spend exactly what you planned to spend
  • Makes you a happier person because you are able to help someone in need

Shopping experience elsewhere:

  • Time spent getting ready to shop
  • Time spent driving to store/mall
  • Money spent on gas to get to store/mall
  • Time spent looking for a parking spot
  • Time spent looking for the products you came to purchase
  • Time spent standing in line to purchase
  • Amount spent on “impulse buys” strategically placed at checkout line
  • Buyer’s remorse because you bought items you didn’t need and spent money you didn’t have

Now, which one will you choose??

BeautyKind 50 off

Sending peace, love & happiness to all!

Kelly Walker

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