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Luminess Air was founded in 2007 and is the #1 best-selling airbrush makeup system in the world. Through Hawke Media’s influencer program, I was offered the opportunity to try the Luminess Air Legend Airbrush system and share my thoughts with my social media followers. Although I was skeptical at first, I have become a fan of this small yet, flexible way to quickly apply my makeup.

Being a woman over 40, I prefer to wear a medium coverage foundation that departs a luminous glow to the skin. Typically I use several shades of foundation, concealers and highlighters to achieve the look that I wear on a daily basis. This process also takes quite a bit of time with my makeup application taking 30 minutes, sometimes more.


My favorite part of using the Luminess Air Legend System is being able to create dimension to the face via highlighting and contouring with two shades of Luminess Air foundation and Luminess Skin Brightening Glow highlighter.  In fact, airbrushing Luminess Skin Brightening Glow highlighter has become my everyday method for strobing, a/k/a highlighting, one of today’s hottest beauty trends.

This whole process takes less than 10 minutes. For an OCD makeup artist like me that is record timing! The application order was a bit unorthodox so I will my steps for you below:



Kelly wearing Luminess Air foundation, blush and highlighter

Kelly’s steps for the perfect face using Luminess Air Legend System

  1. Apply primer to a clean, moisturized face and buff into pores using a flat top synthetic brush.
  2. Conceal undereye circles with a water-based, peach corrector/concealer
  3. Power on the airbrush and dispense 8 drops of Luminess Skin Brightening Glow highlighter into the stylus (be sure to shake all products for 5-10 seconds before dispensing into the well)Luminess-Skin-Brightening-Glow
  4. With stylus 6-8 inches from your face, begin to airbrush Luminess Skin Brightening Glow highlighter to the face. The trigger should have even pressure between marks 1 and 2 to ensure a soft, feathered application.
  5. Allow to dry for 5-10 seconds (Using the air from the compressor to dry product really helps speed up the process!)
  6. Clean stylus by backwashing the well with water and blow out all the water into a towel.
  7. Dispense 4-8 drops of Luminess Air Soft Rose blush into well and apply to the apples of the cheeks and browbone



  8. Clean stylus by backwashing the well with water and blow out all the water into a towel.
  9. Dispense 8 drops of foundation that matches your skin tone into well and apply to the entire face using same circular motions as described above.
  10. Allow to dry as described aboveLuminess-Air-Stylus
  11. Dispense 4-8 drops of foundation in a shade darker that your skin tone to the areas of the face that the sun naturally hits, ie. The temples, cheekbones and jawline and a light mist down the center of the nose.
  12. Allow to dry completely.
  13. If desired follow with a light dusting of finishing powder of your choice.
Luminess Air foundation-swatches

Luminess Air foundation swatches

Benefits of airbrushing:

  • More hygienic than using brushes, sponges or hands
  • Gentle, no tugging or pulling on the skin as with brushes, sponges or fingers
  • Faster application that traditional makeup products
  • Buildable coverage
  • Easier to blend areas of different color, (ie., face neck and chest)
  • No lines of demarcation
  • Extended wear time of 10+ hours.
  • Mineral water based formulas are oil free and fragrance free
  • Can be used on the body too!
  • Economical, after initial investment cost is extremely minimal.

Watch my indepth YouTube tutorial below

If you watched the video above, you heard my husband’s initial thoughts on the way my makeup looked using the Luminess Air Legend System.  Today I followed the steps I outlined for you above and he told me that my makeup looked pretty!  My overall impression of the Luminess Air Legend System is a favorable one.  Especially for women who don’t feel confident about applying makeup.  Once you get past the initial learning curve, the Luminess Air Legend System is faster and easier to use than traditional foundation and complexion products.

For sun kissed skin year round, Luminess Air offers the Pro 3-Speed System that can be used to apply makeup to the eyes and brows at the lowest setting, face at the medium setting and full body at the highest setting. The Luminess Air Pro 3-Speed Compressor System retails for $299 but you can save almost $60 by ordering today with this special code: 592420303

luminess air coupon code

Kelly’s tips:

  • Use flat top synthetic foundation brush to buff primer into skin imperfections. Applying several layers of airbrushing foundation can settle into these areas unless they are filled and smoothed with a good silicone based primer.
  • Facial hair can interfere with a perfect foundation application. Mist can collect on the peach fuzz, making it more noticeable. (Shaving your face is a great way to exfoliate and get rid of the pesky peach fuzz!)
  • Protect hairline with a scarf or shower cap.
  • Although I applied my eye makeup prior to filming my airbrush tutorial, I would recommend airbrushing be the first step. I had to touch up all of my eye makeup after I filmed the airbrush video.
  • For dark under eye circles, apply a light application of water-based corrector/concealer to area prior to airbrushing.
  • Keep your hand moving, when you stop or stay in one area too long, product will look blotchy.

Luminess Air was kind enough to offer my readers and social media followers a special discount.  Receive 20% off your entire order by entering the following code at checkout 592420303.

Happy Airbrushing!

Sending peace, love and happiness to all!




Note: All products shown in this post were sent to me as promotional samples. My review reflects my honest personal opinion and experience with the Luminess Air products.

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