Times of trial can be looked at as periods of refining, perfecting us into the person we were created to be.  That sounds great but how do we realistically live this statement out in our daily lives?


I am reading the book, Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan. The purpose of the book is to provide Christians 10 biblically based strategies to help us get through times of trial in our lives. I am loving this book and have found it extremely helpful in navigating through the most painful and challenging season of life to date.


Red Sea Rule #5: In times of trial, stay calm and confident and give God time to work

In today’s podcast, I share how Red Sea Rule #5: Stay calm and confident and give God time to work,” has provided strength when I needed it most. In following the steps outlined in this chapter, I have been able to take my eyes off my problem and instead, focus on My God, my problem solver. Making this intentional shift has allowed me to finally, move beyond the pain and disappointment of yesterday. Now, I am finding joy, excitement and anticipation in what lies ahead in the beautiful tapestry of my life that My God is weaving just for me.

Key points:

  • Dwelling on our problems will create anxiety and steal our peace.
  • Emotions and feelings are fickle and do not represent the truth.
  • Maturity can be described as the ability to keep one’s passions under control.
  • From adults, we expect a maturity that says, Don’t trust your emotions and NEVER be controlled by them.
  • Our God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or even imagine.
  • When we give our troubles to God, and get out of His way, He will fight our battles for us. He is our “best bet” because he is ALWAYS victorious!


Faith raises the soul above the difficulty, straight to God Himself and enables one to stand still. We gain nothing by our restless and anxious efforts…It is therefore true wisdom in all times of difficulty and perplexity to stand still – to wait only upon God; and He will assuredly open a way for us…

~ C.H. Mackintosh


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