I am thrilled to report that I will be returning to Cambodia for the third time this fall! I am grateful to be part of the Fallen Sparrow mission team and serve alongside people I have grown to love and admire over the past three years.

The Fallen Sparrow team will be working with the children at New Life Orphanages of Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Bantey Meanchy. Pastor Vek, a native Cambodian, has created a new kind of orphanage to bring stability, love, and the hope of Christ to the children of Cambodia. The children at New Life Orphanages were orphaned, abandoned or uncared for by their parents. They are brought in and given care for both their material and spiritual needs; Pastor Vek prepares them with pragmatic life skills for adulthood, as well as help them know and grow closer to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. His mission is to grow these children into a generation of Christian leaders who can help their country heal and rebuild.

missions girls time

An afternoon with the girls 2016

While in Cambodia, our team will create a fun, relational youth camp to teach the children about God, build friendships with them, and, most of all, show them that we care. Our Fallen Sparrow team, along with all of the children of NLM orphanages, will gather in Phnom Penh for this time of encouragement and development.

Cambodia mission trip

Free time with a few of the children 2016

Meet Hong and Huon, two brothers that I sponsor from the Phnom Pehn orphanage.  These precious boys were dropped off at the orphanage the week we arrived in Cambodia in 2015.  They instantly won my heart and I am counting the days until I get to be with them again!


Photo with Hong & Huon taken in Cambodia last summer.

The video below shows Hong and Huon teaching me how to count to 20 in Khmer.

Fundraising is absolutely critical in order for our team to plan activities, as well as purchase food and supplies for all 70+ children there. Personally, I am responsible for financial support in the amount of $3,600 to cover the cost of this mission.

Would you consider partnering with us by contributing to my fundraising efforts? All donations are 100% tax deductible and a gift that could change a parentless child’s life forever.  For details visit purecharity.com
Thank you in advance for your consideration, your continued prayers and generous financial support.



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