grumpy old man

grumpy old manHave you ever known a person that seemed to carry despair and negativism with them where ever they go? An individual who is consumed with all the negative happenings in the world and allows them to dictate the majority of their thoughts and conversations each day?

During my childhood years, I spent a lot of time around an uncle who suffered from PTSD and as a result, had limited social skills. Due to his disability, he spent many hours in front of the television watching gloomy news reports and stories of despair. Much like a dry sponge absorbs water, my uncle’s mind absorbed story after story which he repeated to those who crossed his path each day. Looking back more than 30 years later, I have few memories of my beloved uncle that are not overshadowed by the gloomy aura of negative news events and the fear and distrust of others that he developed over time.

Although news headlines constantly spew stories of controversy, death and destruction, I believe that it is best to limit our exposure and absorption of worldly woes that are out of our control. Let me clarify, I believe we should do everything we can to help those in need and be aware and proactive about potential danger or threats to our society however, we must remember that what we hold in our minds, dictates our thoughts and ultimately our actions. The story below illustrates my belief in a better manner than I could explain…

Once upon a time there was a grumpy old man, a man that was constantly complaining to his wife about his bad life, commonly expressing the words, “The whole world stinks!”

One day, when the grumpy old man’s wife was fed up with his “Negative Nancy” mentality, she decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. That night, while the grumpy old man was sleeping, his wife rubbed “stinky cheese” in her husband’s mustache.

Upon awaking the next morning, the grumpy old man was startled by an overwhelming stench and began to search his home for the origin of the terrible smell. After searching every room in his home and finding no root cause for the stinky smell, he ran to the front door and stepped outside only to proclaim …it stinks out here too!

The moral of the story is this: The grumpy old man with stinky cheese in his mustache didn’t realize that HE was the source behind the terrible stench. In fact, the possibility that he smelled never crossed his mind!

The point of my post is that while it is human to allow stories of pain and suffering to “break our hearts”, we must challenge ourselves to hold steadfast to the promise and possibility that begins anew each day. Renew your thinking and resolve to take note of the small blessings that are scattered throughout each day. Uplifting moments of beauty that are missed because our minds are fixated on the things that bring stress and worry to our daily lives.

This week, make a commitment to pause, to look inside of yourself and make any adjustments necessary to let go of fear, bitterness or worry and instead, express thanks and gratitude for the good in your life. You never know, by week’s end you may be wrapping up a week filled with more blessings than ever before and what unfolds to be one of the best and happiest weeks of your life!

Peace and love to all!!


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