Hong, age 7 and Huon, age 9

Hong, age 7 and Huon, age 9

Published on: Aug 17, 2015

About a week before our scheduled departure for Cambodia, our team leader received exciting news from New Life Ministries. For the first time in more than five years, New Life Ministries was able to accept new kids into their orphanages. Our team would now be welcoming thirteen additional children, ages 7 to 15 to our youth camp for more than 70 kids.

Of the thirteen children, two brothers, Huon age 9 and his little brother Hong, age 7 were placed at the orphanage following their parents’ recent divorce. As is common in the Cambodian culture, without the father’s income, Huon and Hong’s mother was unable to support them on her own. As you can expect, this transition was not easy for the boys. During introductions, neither of the boys felt comfortable enough to speak to the group. Their sad faces made my soul ache. I made a mental note to make an effort to spend some quality time with these beautiful little boys.

As I observed all the kids interacting with each other, I was impressed by the level of care and nurturing that the older children provided to the younger ones. At first, the new kids, in particular Hong and Huon, were very protective, almost defensive over the toys and games we brought for all of the children. Our leader explained that it is common for new kids to have a “street mentality” when they first arrive. Many of these children escape severe poverty, when the come to the orphanage. Some were even rescued and placed in one of the New Life Missions orphanages after being found digging in dumpsters and garbage bins for food. Thankfully, over the course of the afternoon, all of the children began to warm up to our team, including Huon and Hong.

Although I enjoyed everyday that we spent with the children, my favorite day was the day that we took them to a water park for the afternoon.  I hope you enjoy the narrated slide show below…

Many of our team members, including myself, decided to sponsor one or more of the children by providing regular financial support that would cover their living and education expenses. If you would like to make a one-time donation to Fallen Sparrow/New Life Missions I invite you to review the information that is available via this link to Brightpoint for Children.

If you feel moved to sponsor a child on a monthly basis there are three different levels of support you can consider:

  • Two sponsors are needed for each child’s basic needs that are used to feed, clothe and educate these children. Your monthly sponsorship of a child will provide food and a loving home where your child can prosper and grow towards a brighter future. Each basic needs sponsorship is $39 per month
  • One sponsor is needed for each child to attend school in Cambodia. School attendance in Cambodia is not required because the cost is often too high. In addition, state schools are under-equipped, and very often classes are run without textbooks or pens and pads for the students. Your monthly sponsorship will provide fees, uniforms, school supplies and books to help a child overcome these barriers and receive a quality education. Monthly sponsorship for primary school is $39.

Details for the above sponsorship levels is available here: Sponsor a child at New Life Missions Orphanages

If you would like more information on New Life Ministries and how you can make a difference in the lives of these children, feel free to contact me: kelly@spadelic.com

Sending peace, love and happiness to all!

Kelly Kirby Walker

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