It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  Where did all the time go?

With the year coming to a close, it’s easy to get frustrated as we realize how many things we set out to do and have yet to accomplish. To ensure that we don’t lose perspective, it’s important that we find a place of solitude where we can sit down and spend a few minutes recognizing, documenting and appreciating our successes for the year. Not just professionally but also in our personal lives.

For example, there were many things that I wanted to implement into my business practice this year that didn’t quite make it to the top of my priority list. Action items such as educational webinars, regular monthly newsletters and workshops, all things that could have had a great impact on my professional life in 2015. However, it is during this time of reflection and solitude that I am reminded of beautiful moments and memories I gained in lieu of these “professional” accomplishments.

year end reflectionAs I sit back and analyze where my time was spent, I see that my priorities changed midway through the year. My goal as a makeup artist has always been to use my artistry skills to enhance the beauty that I see in my personal clients. However, if I am truly honest with myself, the ultimate goal has been a self-serving one to grow MY success and reputation as a beauty professional. Man, the truth stinks!


Thankfully, my focus and attention moved from self-centered “to do” items to heart-centered matters following an opportunity to participate in a GlobalX mission trip to Cambodia this summer. This opportunity opened my eyes, and my heart as I saw first-hand how little others have compared to the abundance and wealth we are able to obtain in the United States. What blew my mind the most was the authenticity, pure happiness, gratitude and love that these people had for one another despite the level of poverty that surrounded them on a daily basis. As I observed the gentle nature and affection shared between the people of Cambodia, I quickly recognized how those of us who have so much, value the things that matter so little. My heart is forever changed and for that I am grateful.

global x mission trip

I challenge you to follow suit.  Between now and Thanksgiving, set aside 15 minutes to be alone and make a list of what is most important to you and what or shall I say who, you are grateful for. Be mentally proactive by recognizing and allowing the beautiful moments that can be easily missed come to the forefront of your mind and guide you through the most special time of the year with the ones that you love.
kelly-and-synatSending peace, love and happiness to all!


This post is dedicated to my amazing husband, Darren, our GlobalX team leaders, Mike and Elloa Davis and most of all, the beautiful children that captured my heart in Phnom Penh this past summer. Can’t wait to see you again in June!! xoxo

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