If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of time to prepare healthy snacks to have available throughout the day. Unfortunately, this lack of pre-planning leads to skipping crucial morning meals that our bodies need to sustain a balanced energy level throughout the day. When I was younger, skipping meals, in particular breakfast, didn’t seem to have a huge impact on my body, physically or mentally. Well, as luck would have it, now that I am in my late 40’s I can see a major difference in my ability to concentrate and stay on task on the days when I don’t have a healthy breakfast.

My typical routine is to get up around 6 or 7am, feed our pets, Max and Katie, then make coffee and retire to my studio for some quite devotion time. If I have a tennis match that morning I will usually make a bowl of oatmeal and berries about an hour before my match so that I will have a healthy serving of carbs to sustain my energy throughout the match. On the days that I don’t play tennis, I am less likely to take a break between my devotion time and the start of my work day. This means that my first meal of the day may not be eaten until noon and sometimes even later in the afternoon. This is a terrible habit and one that I am determined to change beginning tomorrow morning!

Being a nutrition specialist, I KNOW the importance of eating breakfast, I just don’t do it on a regular basis. The word breakfast actually implies, “you need to take a break from the fast”. The stretch of time between falling asleep at night and waking in the morning is the longest stretch of time that the body goes without food. When we wake up and start our morning routines, the body doesn’t have anything to provide energy and will resort to holding on to fat and/or burning muscle. Obviously, neither of the scenarios are desired. For maximum energy throughout the day and maintaining a healthy weight, nutritionists recommend eating 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking.

Studies also show that those who eat breakfast experience a substantial decline in their craving for sweets. For those who eat a breakfast that is high in protein, the cravings for savory or high fat foods were also decreased. Those who skipped breakfast all together had increased cravings for both categories of foods that continued to rise throughout the course of their day. Why not join me in my quest to start each day with a healthy breakfast that is high in protein. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Healthy breakfast options with high protein

Protein packed banana bread with chocolate chips

kellys oatmeal banana bread

My favorite for busy mornings, protein packed banana bread (click here for recipe)

Greek yogurt with berries, chia seeds and squeeze of agave

fage and love crunch

Fage 0% actually tastes better to me than the 2% fat version.  Much more creamy!!

protein packed greek yogurt

Sometimes I satisfy my sweet tooth by adding a handful of Love Crunch granola on top of the yogurt and berries, YUMMY!

healthy granola

healthy snack

Love crunch contains Chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries. Made with real organic Italian chocolate, organic freeze dried berries and organic flax seeds.

Chia plus waffle with chocolate chip Buff Bake

healthy chia waffle

chia plus waffle

buff bake chocolate chip peanut butter

This tasty chocolate chip peanut butter boasts a whopping 11 grams of protein per serving

What are your favorite healthy breakfast options?  I would love for you to share a few below in the comments section!!

Sending peace, love & happiness to all!


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