Understanding the beautiful gift of God’s grace in our lives opens the door to a life lived with hope and expectation for good things to come.


Although I have attended church on and off for the majority of my life, I don’t remember hearing much about a loving, compassionate God.  Instead, I remember being a young elementary aged girl sitting in church and being “preached at”, often quite loudly.

The majority of sermons revolved around the wrath of God and the horrible consequences I would face if I broke any of his rules.  It bewilders me that some church leaders would choose to preach hell-fire and brimstone messages instead of messages that open our eyes to a loving and compassionate God.  It’s no wonder that most people don’t like to go to church!

Fortunately for me, through North Point Community church and its lead pastor, Andy Stanley the formerly indelible mental image of a “Gotcha” God constantly on the lookout for ways to punish me for not being good enough has been erased.  Today, I am living proof of the omnipotent power of God’s grace and mercy in our lives.  Proof that if we allow Him access, he will transform a life formerly lived in fear, doubt and insecurities into one that overflows with love and joy and peace far beyond our expectations.

I hope the message shared in today’s podcast inspires you and maybe, creates a desire to learn more about the only true God.  The One who loves each of us more than we could ever imagine, even when we least deserve it!

Sending peace, love & happiness to all!




Please note: In today’s podcast I refer to the controversial subject of abortion. I want to clarify that I am in no way endorsing or condemning abortion. Instead, it was used as an illustration of how easy it is to place ourselves on a pedestal over people that do things we don’t approve of as if we have been bestowed with the power to condemn others. Rather to shine light on the fact that, it is not my job, or any of our jobs to step into the “shoes of God” and judge people that don’t meet with our expectations or rules, self-imposed or otherwise.

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